Advantages of WAP

IT-AdministratorThe users get the teamwork benefits of the Internet and mobile applications. It is also paramount to select a corresponding application environmental and design & develop the application for the mobile users. These are the challenges furnished by the mobile network to the WAP technology. The mobile network is different from the other networks because it has narrow bandwidth and the delays are greater than in the personal computers or wired networks, which supports two Mbits per second. These differences between the mobile networks and wired networks are the challenges for developing the application for the mobile environment.

The handheld device is different from the PC or Laptop like the screen size is small. The number of keys access to the users is limited to sixteen or less; the WAP protocols support the handheld device users to get the large screen to compact screen of the user’s device. The device also limited in the memory storage, processing power and also the battery power to withstand while the user accesses the Internet. This means that the WAP is optimized for mobile networks with narrow bandwidths, the mobile device with the compact screen according to the device and also with the limited keys for the user entry.