Sending WAP PUSH messages

imageWAP Push was integrated into the specification to allow the WAP content to be pushed in the mobile handset. Then their minimal user involvement required sending request or access from the server. A WAP Push is fundamental includes the encoded messages along with a link to a WAP address. WAP Push was added at the top of the Wireless Datagram Protocol (WDP), and then it can be delivered over any WDP- supporter bearers, like GPRS or SMS. A wide range of modified processor available in the GSM networks, but the GPRS activation from the network is not generally supported.  There will be the situation create that the WAP Push messages have to be delivered on the top of the SMS bearer.

While receiving a WAP Push, the mobile handset automatically allows the users to access the WAP content in the handset by providing an option. The WAP Push directs the end-users to a WAP address where the content is stored in the server ready for download or view onto the handset. The WAP address may be in the form of a page or a WAP site. However, the WAP Push ensures the security of the delivery of the message to the users and high efficiency in the quality of messages sent and delivery in the handheld devices.