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What is WAP?

The unique design of the Wireless Application Protocol is to format and filter the Internet content for use in the mobile devices. This protocol is worldwide. By linking the Internet content and mobile technology provides the valuable device. It is a global standard technology and not controlled by the single company. The top mobile companies founded it in the year of 1997 with the initial purpose to enhance the wireless mobile application over the wireless communications networks, which has been widely accepted by over two hundred members in the forum.

WAP is the specification for the set of communication protocol to standardize the way that the wireless device can be used for the Internet. The WAP architecture is the unruffled of different protocol and XML- based markup language called as the Wireless Markup Language (WML). The signalling part of the WAP’s move towards with the support of the common internet specifications such as the Hyper Text Transfer control protocol (HTTP) and the TCP/IP.

The WAP programming model and Internet programming model both have the similar features and structure. The WAP supports the push content from the server to the client by using the Wireless Telephony Application Specification (WTA). This technology helps the mobile device to access the telephony functions.

Why we need WAP?

Until emerging of the WAP, there is no link between the Internet and mobile phones. Before the WAP technology flows in the trend, we just simply surf in the Net, do some serious research or get entertained on the Internet by using the personal computer, but it was set limitation to the computer.
Now with the WAP, there are the massive information, communication and the data resources of the Internet becoming more easily available to everyone with the communication or mobile phone device. Being WAP open and secure is well suited for many different applications including weather forecasts, enterprise data, market information, and games. The recent set of the web application development tools will easily support the WAP development and the in the future the appropriate development tools will be announced.
It supports heritage WAP 1.x protocols. They are communicating with the enterprise server-using HTTP that encodes and optimize content for low-bandwidth, high-latency networks. WAP supports wireless profiles of Internet protocols with the Internet applications. This allows the clients of the WAP to communicate with enterprise server without the support of the WAP gateway. End users can access a broad range of content over the complex wireless networks using a common user interface of the WAP browser.


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WAP is the significant communication way where the wireless devices are able to access the internet, where internet is a huge network of small connections. Due to the great demand, one can save a huge amount of money without any complications.


What is WAP?

The wireless application protocol is an open global specification which encompasses various services using the internet for the users using handy mobile and other devices to communicate the information in an efficient and prompt way.

What is the ultimate purpose of WAP?

To unlock the slow communication pace among different devices using the global specified network and enabling the fast services and communication of information for the mobile users.

What types of devices will use WAP?

Wireless handy devices such as two-way radios, mobile phones, smartphones, and communicators can use.

Which wireless networks does WAP can use?

WAP can work with various wireless networks such as CDPD, CDMA, GSM, PDC, PHS, TDMA, FLEX, ReFLEX, iDEN, TETRA, DECT, DataTAC, Mobitex.

Which operating systems are suitable to use WAP?

WAP is a communication protocol and application environment, it is OS independent and can be used in any type of operating systems. It has a special feature of service interoperability between the families of different devices.

What kind of services can be accessed using the WAP technology?

The main service is the wireless internet communication using the handheld devices. Various other services such as call management, customer care, whatsapp script, telephone value-added services, e-commerce transaction and banking services can be benefitted.

Why go for WAP?

It provides a common medium to connect different devices by overcoming the challenges with effective solutions of fast, secure and interactive way of services and providing information to many mobile users.